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GOOD - Gaming out of Depression (http://iwanttogetgood.com/). Gaming out of Depression is a community designed to help people with various forms of depression with one interest in common: video games.


Nutrition - Educative Games


GEH - Good Eating Habits ( Android /  Web ), published by OER GB, OSIKMCN on 07.20.2015, in partnership with  ASCODI - SALUS Association. Authors: Gonçalo Silva and Rafael Trindade. 


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Game-based learning, multimedia digital resources, and open educational resources

Create multimedia educational content, an open platform/ repository for sharing digital educational multimedia resources, digital multimedia content tailored for associations and companies, ensure professional training.
Nowadays, in formal, non-formal and informal education/ training, it is already possible to learn, in a complementary way, through educational games, simulators, very stimulating and attractive; And other multimedia features. Teachers are challenged to create multimedia content without having the time or knowledge to do so. If they do not, students can demonstrate demotivation, for example with massive powerpoints.
All types of gamification, simulators and other multimedia features can be produced for computer, mobile and tablets for the most used and/ or high-growth Operating Systems and for social networks such as, Applications on facebook.
We intend to create one or more teams that create games (computer-based learning), simulators and other digital multimedia educational resources (such as interactive videos), and make available to teachers, trainers, students, Trainees, schools, training centers and other entities in an open repository of digital educational content. All of these digital multimedia resources must follow formal programs, be recognized by professional experts, and/ or embrace social causes of awareness, for example associations.
This team can also create multimedia content and applications for specific and targeted campaigns, such as for associations or for companies that want to offer their customers excellent content (eg web site simulators or e-Commerce).
We can also organize courses, trainings and workshops to train teachers to create all kinds of educational resources to use in class, and sensitize them to put them in our Open Educational Resource Repository. These courses can be given at the facilities of our partners, or in the network of specific training centers of any national public and private network. This training can also be directed to those who want to become professionals in this area, to companies that want to create content for their employees to learn in the workplace or even to make content available on their public website, associations that want to have critical mass in the creation of digital multimedia resources. Undergraduate courses with ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) can be organized through partnerships with universities.
If they are used in formal education, we need to make protocols with the entities that believe, and with the technicians, teachers/ trainers who belong to the systems.
If it is in non-formal training we can have the contents recognized by experts of renown in the professional environment.
In informal training, we will embrace causes, for example, we have a project at hand to create an educational game to educate children and help parents in the fight against obesity, eating healthy food is more fun.
The contents can be used in schools, training centers, informal environments, in the workplace, in person and at distance.
As not all entities and students have sufficient resources to purchase this kind of resources, we intend to create quality content and make them available in an open platform of multimedia educational resources so that all teachers, trainers, educators, students, and other entities can use them in any teaching and training environment, campaigns, company workstations, etc.